Keto diet for beginners

The Keto Diet: A Beginners Guide for 2022

  Most diets tend to avoid fat like it’s the plague, just right next to sugar on America’s Most Dangerous Criminal Foods list. So when a high fat, low carb diet appears on the horizon, […]

Healthy super shake

5 Rules for Making a Healthy Super Shake

I absolutely love super shakes. They’re one of the most potent and efficient nutrient delivery systems around. A single serving can get you almost all the nutrients you need, including quality proteins, healthy fats, vitamins […]

How to increase your bench press

How to Increase Your 225 Bench Press For Reps

The 225 lb bench press for reps can be a big measuring stick for athletes when it comes measuring upper body strength. Football players and strength challenge competitors know the importance of being able to […]

best muscle building foods

13 Best Foods For Building the Most Muscle

Nutrition plays an equally huge role when it comes to building muscle, which is something that most people forego. Sure, you can spend countless hours at the gym training your muscles, but in the end […]

why athletes should avoid alcohol

Why Athletes Should Avoid or Limit Alcohol

Athletes have a lot to lose. They are responsible for their own performance, but also for the team depending on them. Drinking alcohol can affect your athletic performance and it will also affect your chances […]